A Tribute to the Greatest Kitty

Rest in peace, Sango.

She was the best kitty, and indeed best pet of any kind, that I ever had. I picked her up from the shelter, where she was scheduled to be euthanized, back in 2012. She was only 5 months old back then. I gave her the best life that I could. I gave her delicious, high quality food. I provided lots of toys and kitty towers for her to climb. I gave her all the love and attention I could.

So I was wrecked when I found her dead, behind my recliner, on Tuesday morning.

She had been very sick for well over a month. The vet didn’t even know what she had… could’ve been the feline FIP virus, or (most likely since my other cat has not gotten sick) some form of feline lymphoma. Either way, she couldn’t breath well and was very weak. I gave her the best care and medicine I could… I’m just sorry it was not enough.

I was about to work on my latest post, regarding nuclear fusion (sorry folks, that will have to wait till next week), when I came into the living room and found her. Such a sweet little kitty… she was fierce and had a strong attitude for certain.

I’m so sorry you’re gone Sango. You were my special kitty and I enjoyed having you in my life. I will miss you greatly. I hope you are resting well in peace.

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