Want to improve your memory? What about liver health?

I wanted to share a quick post about a supplement I use. It is also my Amazon Affiliate product. Among other things, it can aid your memory and cognitive functioning!

According to Ray Kurzweil, futurist and inventor, there are three supplements that everyone should be taking:

Kurzweil is a smart cookie… and I can tell you I’ve actually been using this supplement myself for 2-3 years now. Please note that I do not presently have a deal with the company (Double Wood Supplements), and aside from my Amazon Affiliate link, I will not make any profit off of this post or by recommending this supplement.

Before Double Wood, I tried a comparable supplement from a different company (that shall remain nameless) and was not satisfied. It made me somewhat ill, and results were muted. I switched to this brand at the beginning of 2019, as I began my master’s degree studies, and found it to be wonderfully helpful, with no negative effects at all. Double Wood’s phosphatidylcholine supplements are gluten free and non-GMO. They are made in the USA and tested for purity. When I get off of them (such as when I was sick one time), I can really tell the difference.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I have found these phosphatidylcholine supplements help with my memory (very important for exams!) and enable me to think clearly as well as sift through information when the time comes.

It also helps with liver functions. I place the affiliate link on my homepage and at the end of every post. If you click on it, and purchase the product, I receive a small commission. I truly hope you will try this supplement, as I have seen positive effects myself. Check out the link below, for another review, and my Amazon link will follow. Good luck and peace and blessings to you!


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