Anti-aging reality… What are your plans for your 1,000s?

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Is there anything wrong with living forever?

To begin with, the subject at hand is eliminating aging, and its deleterious effects on human life, not making people functionally immortal. You may still die from a car crash, a burning ship, an asteroid impact, or any number of other physical disasters. In a new interview with Joe Rogan, one of the pioneers in this field, Dr. Aubrey de Grey (please see link below) explains his latest research and the possibilities for the field. And I’ve got to tell you, I’m excited.

Let’s discuss this! Leave your comment below, please, and tell me what you think of these therapies and the possibility for extended human lifespan.

There are other pioneers in this area, such as Dr. David Sinclair, and they are making serious advances as well. I am not exaggerating here… it is true that I don’t have a crystal ball, I cannot say with absolute certainty, but I’ve been following this sort of research for over ten years now, and from all the mounting scientific evidence I can see, defeating aging and extending the human lifespan will be possible within the next two to three decades.

I believe anti-aging therapies may have direct long term consequences for how we live. Perhaps for the better? If you know that you won’t just die in a few decades, but can perhaps live on, perhaps well into your thousands, wouldn’t you be more motivated to take care of the Earth and help improve our society?

I am, at heart, basically a scientist. I want to explore the universe and all its mysteries. For someone like me, especially who suffered some very bad losses and setbacks early in his life, there is simply not enough time to live to experience all this, to learn all that I want to learn.

Society has, out of necessity for the 1%, turned us all into voracious consumers. The majority of us are not curious anymore. We don’t wish to explore or learn more about biology or the ocean or the geological strata, or the cosmos. How much more fulfilling would a life be if we valued these things more than buying the newest iPhone in order to have the biggest, brightest display screen possible? If a life is built around acquiring money and goods, I say it is not worth living very long. Perhaps only long enough to get extremely wealthy, screw your former friends and/or relatives over, and then blow all of your money on extravagant wine/hooker/cocaine parties… maybe seventy five years or so. Any more than that and you may end up growing disillusioned with life (or perhaps a little bit insane?).

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What if you could really explore space, not as a dream or a sci-fi TV show but in real life? How would you feel about living an extended lifespan if you really could take a starship to the Orion region of the galaxy and investigate the mysteries of the Rigel or Betelgeuse sector up close? I’ve always wanted to be alive to find out what dark matter and dark energy really are… What other great discoveries await in the future?

Let me know below. In the meantime, may you Live Long and Prosper.

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  1. Gewd Schtuff! Enjoyed the Podcast as well.

    I’m also very interested in life extension and the potential for Biological Immortality. I will say that I don’t believe that under our current Capitalistic system, that these technologies would be shared properly with the whole of the species. Within our current framework, they would serve to further widen the gaps within our already horribly unbalanced class systems, and would potentially create an Altered Carbon like future for the species. I have been working on project that is designed to be the stepping stones along the path to the first functional Resource Based Economies, which is what would allow for these advancements to truly be harnessed properly. Only in a world without Money, could the entire species ever truly be allowed to “Live Forever” and also Be Truly Free. As amazing as all of these advancements will be, without evolving our entire Governmental System, Human the Consciousness and Conscience, they would inevitably lead us into a dystopian Nightmare.

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment. Glad you enjoyed the post.
      I too have been very disappointed and at times very depressed with our current system. That’s part of the reason I started this blog, because in the past science was something all people could take part in. Increasingly (especially over the past few decades), it has been seized by corporate and political special interests. I don’t have much of a voice now, but in the future I am hoping to really change this.

      If science is taken back, ripped away from elitists and capitalist control, then that is the first step. Like medicare for all, these kinds of procedures should be freely available for everyone. I may get depressed but I’m still fighting for a better future where science and medical technology is available for all.

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