How to Create a New Body! Organs “R” Us

Twenty years ago, I wrote a screenplay about a revolutionary stem cell procedure that allows an FBI agent, paralyzed in the line of duty, to walk again. It was a nice little thriller screenplay, and garnered good reviews as well as a couple of attachments. Like everything else I attempted with Hollywood, it failed because my last name is not Bay or Tarantino. How prophetic it was though, looking back, I wish it could have been made into a film, because it is coming true today.

There is an epic scene in ‘The Fifth Element’, which I still enjoy today, where Milla Jovovich’s body (gorgeous and thin as it is) is rebuilt, created via genetic information from the cells of her original body. That scene sends shivers up my back, because it is so engaging and evocative.

Photo by Павел Сорокин on Pexels.com

In the link below, which I encourage you to follow, once again science fiction is made reality.

The medical applications for 3D printing are incredible. With the maturation of this (and related science such as stem cell and genetic therapies), we will dive forward into a new medical era where doctors will no longer be limited to just giving you a pill with 1,200 side effects, instead are able to treat a myriad of diseases or injuries in real time.

There are no limits to science.

– Dracula (Gary Oldman), Bram Stoker’s Dracula, 1992

There are many applications for 3D printed home building:

An elegant solution for the problem of homelessness in America and rest of world…

Goodbye homeless problem! We may have idiots in office with no knowledge or vision of how to solve these problems, yet science triumphs once again.

The solutions are there, all we need now is the political will. It is exciting to think that the future may one day be more like Star Trek and less like Terminator (We can hope?).

Original program from VICE:

Very moving, please check it out! 🙂

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