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Globular Cluster M 13, CCD image by Eric Ramesh
blue pink and white andromeda galaxy way

The Only Constant is Change

I used to cringe (sort of) when I heard people describe the universe as a “Universe of Order”. From the point of view of an astrophysicist, looking through telescopes at a universe constantly being redefined (in often violent and sanitizing ways), constantly in motion, filled with deadly radiation and explosive events, the universe could be […]

scenic view of night sky

Requiem for the Greatest Kitty Ever…

I meant to write a blog post on globular star clusters this week, but unfortunately my closest companion kitty of 8 years, Bobo, passed away. So I am very depressed. I will try to get that other blog post out in the next week or so. Right now, I just wanted to talk about this […]

person under delicate arch at night

Take a tour of the brightest stars of summer!

Where are all the stars in summer? You can’t miss it on a balmy summer evening… glance upward, shortly after sunset, and you’ll see a distinctive triangle shape if you connect three of the brightest stars overhead. This triangle shape, also known as The Summer Triangle, is what we call an asterism. In other words, […]

Not all those who wander are lost.


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