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Globular Cluster M 13, CCD image by Eric Ramesh

A Tribute to the Greatest Kitty

Rest in peace, Sango. She was the best kitty, and indeed best pet of any kind, that I ever had. I picked her up from the shelter, where she was scheduled to be euthanized, back in 2012. She was only 5 months old back then. I gave her the best life that I could. I […]

See Nature, Before it’s Gone!

Paying heed to massive influence from corporations and private donors lacking any morals or values, the Trump administration has continued its assault on nature and the environment. So this summer, assuming we do not go back on lockdown again, you may want to get out and explore nature by visiting a state or national park… […]

The Science of Viruses. Will we ever win?

We have all had some time to try to adjust to this Coronavirus invasion. Sports events were canceled or postponed. Social distancing was practiced by many. Profiteering was practiced by some (including rich, avaricious US Senators). Reflection (hopefully) can still be practiced by all. Russell Brand has advised us on our self-isolation and how we […]

Not all those who wander are lost.


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